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  • Marketing Analytics Manager
    Company: Digital Room Philippines IncQualification: Bachelors/ DegreeExperience: 5 to 12location: Metro ManilaRef: 21967187Summary: -will play a key role in shaping the marketing strategies & establishing the best practices for analytics -will be responsible for helping drive traffic by reviewing data,....
  • Software Developer – Dynamic, Game Changer with High Pay
    Company: RT Lawrence CorpQualification: Bachelors/ Degree, Masters/ Post GraduateExperience: 3 to 4location: Central Luzon, Metro Manila, Southern TagalogRef: 22235139Summary: Extraordinary programmer who is similar to an INVENTOR who never gets out of new ideas & love to promote and translate them ....
  • Web Developers
    Company: RT Lawrence CorpQualification: Bachelors/ Degree, Masters/ Post GraduateExperience: 3 to 4location: Central Luzon, Metro Manila, Southern TagalogRef: 22249628Summary: Involved both in front & back-end development. Provide strong/new concepts, strategies and ideas. Identify design problems & ....
  • ISDP Head – Security Governance
    Company: Zmg Ward Howell IncExperience: 10 to 18location: Metro ManilaRef: 22581535Summary: 1. Governs the development and maintenance of the Company’s Information Security Policies including applicable and related Standards
  • Lifecycle Analytics Head
    Company: Zmg Ward Howell IncQualification: Bachelors/ DegreeExperience: 10 to 20location: Metro Manila, Southern TagalogRef: 22582198Summary: Group: CTIO Division: Product Management Department: Product Development & Management Section/Unit: Lifecycle & Analytics
  • Delivery Associate/Data Analyst/Programmer
    Company: Kantar Singapore Pte LtdQualification: Bachelors/ DegreeExperience: 0 to 2location: Metro ManilaRef: 22839199Summary: Responsible for the data processing of assigned projects from data entry, programming to final data output
  • DSP / Cransoft Consultant
    Company: Ikon Solutions Asia IncorporatedExperience: 5 to 10location: Metro ManilaRef: 22890520Summary: Deliver Data Migration activities for data identification , profiling, data quality, reporting, preparation and cleansing report to enable migration including proactive and reactive analysis
  • Sr. Research Analyst
    Company: Infinit-O Manila IncQualification: Bachelors/ DegreeExperience: 1 to 4location: Metro ManilaRef: 22928624Summary: This position is responsible for gathering data and information through traditional and alternative sources.
  • Financial Analyst
    Company: AFNI Philippines IncExperience: 0 to 50location: PhilippinesRef: 23183771Summary: Job Description : Description Summary of duties and responsibilities: * Responsible for managing financial analysis activities for their organization, collecting information related to financial performance and consolidating it into ....
  • Data Analyst
    Company: Emerio Philippines IncQualification: Bachelors/ DegreeExperience: 1 to 2location: Metro ManilaRef: 23215525Summary: The Data Analyst will be responsible for data collection, research and analysis of Executive compensation that are obtained from Annual reports and other public disclosed data.

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