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  • Executive Assistant
    Company: ConfidentialExperience: 5 to 7location: Metro ManilaRef: 19548527Summary: Executive administrative support is required for the position. He/She must maintain highest level of confidentiality, integrity and diplomacy regarding all information of the organization.
  • Corporate Secretary/Legal Consultant
    Company: Outsourced Quality Assured Services IncQualification: Bachelors/ DegreeExperience: 2 to 7location: Metro ManilaRef: 21520031Summary: The Corporate Lawyer will be the company’s corporate secretary.
  • Contract Renewal (Land Matters) Supervisor
    Company: OnSpec Global Research SolutionsQualification: Bachelors/ DegreeExperience: 1 to 6location: Northern MindanaoRef: 21533763Summary: Primary responsible in facilitating renewal of all expiring land contracts to ensure availability of existing lands to support future planting requirements.
  • Tax Manager
    Company: Zmg Ward Howell IncExperience: 6 to 16location: Metro ManilaRef: 21613251Summary: This position provides tax planning, advisory, advocacy and other related tax work for “Company” and its local affiliates and subsidiaries.
  • Paralegal
    Company: ZigZag MediaQualification: Bachelors/ DegreeExperience: 3 to 6location: Metro ManilaRef: 21765012Summary: ZigZag Media is looking for talented Conveyancing Paralegals to join our team!
  • Lawyer
    Company: World Networking ServicesQualification: Bachelors/ DegreeExperience: 2 to 10location: Metro ManilaRef: 21801090Summary: Responsible for all legal services of the Company
  • Systems Adminstrator
    Company: B and M Global Services Manila, IncQualification: Bachelors/ Degree, Diploma/ Non Degree TertiaryExperience: 3 to 10location: Metro ManilaRef: 21813700Summary: Responsible for the day-to-day administration and operational support of the firm's global monitoring system.
  • Global Mobility Manger
    Company: Corretto Global Search Partners IncQualification: Bachelors/ DegreeExperience: 10 to 18location: Metro ManilaRef: 21819481Summary: We are looking for someone to join the team who has a very strong work ethic and a genuine interest in handling the Global Mobility Team and design the program.
  • Admin and Facilities Officer
    Company: WhiteSky LabsExperience: 2 to 7location: Metro ManilaRef: 21894500Summary: • Perform as the Lead Safety Officer who will coordinate, conduct and control safety drills • When necessary, coordinate with engineering firms and other relevant sources for architectural, electrical and ICT design • In-charge of....
  • HR and Finance Administrator
    Company: Flat Planet Philippines IncorporatedQualification: Bachelors/ DegreeExperience: 5 to 8location: Metro ManilaRef: 21920956Summary: The Compliance Officer will be involved in Ethics and Compliance’s management and be responsible for influencing change and implementing policies and procedures within HR,....

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